Our Gardens

As part of our Seed & Yield Program, we grow on 9 gardens around the city, mostly in Roxbury and Dorchester. These gardens include:

  • Charlestown Sprouts Community Garden (14 beds)
  • Nightingale Garden (16 plots)
  • Dudley Greenhouse (3 beds)
  • ISBCC Gardens (26 beds)
  • Dimock Center (27 beds)
  • Leyland Street Community Garden (2 plots)
  • Callendar Street Garden (5,000 sq ft)
  • Dixwell Street Garden (4,000 sq ft)
  • Lucern/Balsam Street Community Garden (4 plots)

Pictured above: Callendar Street garden, ISBCC garden, Dixwell Street garden, Dimock Center garden, and Leyland Street garden.

Map of all our growing sites