Seed & Yield

The Seed & Yield program was started in 2008, when NUBIA began purchasing vacant lots from the City of Boston in order to convert them into community gardens. The name of the program originates from the classic Arabic saying: “Whoever sincerely works, gains, and whoever seeds, yields.” NUBIA works tirelessly to maintain and create new community gardens every year.

The Seed & Yield program has over 90 urban gardening plots in many different locations across Boston. These gardens provide fresh produce that the Seed & Yield gardens donate to the local community on produce giveaway days, as well as to local food banks and community programs, such as the Boston Medical Center Food Pantry, St. John’s and St James’ Church every Saturday, Rosie’s Place, and Haley House Cafe Community Program.

To learn more about some of the programs we run under Seed & Yield (like the Summer Youth Gardening Program and cooking and gardening workshops), visit our programs page.